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Educational Theatre as the place for overcoming discrimination of people with disablities

Workshop Reference number: 2012-1-HR1-GRU13-01891


Trešnjevka Cultural Centre



Author & Head of the project:

Ivan Hromatko

Trešnjevka Cultural Centre

Date of the Workshop: 08/04/2013 – 15/04/2013


Subject area:
Addressing target groups with special needs
Artistic education, also including Arts and Crafts and Music
Social integration / exclusion

Working language(s): EN

Target Groups:
Individuals with physical or mental disability that are at least 18 years old.
Individuals interested in theatre and acting or working with the disabled (18 years old and older).

Workshop aims to transfer practical knowledge for working with the disabled by means of theatre.
Since both disabled and non-disabled individuals will participate in the workshop, we will actively search for actions that have the potential for overcoming prejudice in real life. The workshop will end with a joint public performance created by the disabled and non-disabled alike. This performance will advocate values of solidarity, inclusion and respect for people with disabilities.

The workshop follows the stages of tribal initiation (rites de passage), as described by Victor Turner:

1) Separation stage: form roles, norms and values
2) Liminal stage: transitional or limbo phase in which we will explore our everyday roles
3) Reincorporation stage: participants reunite with their everyday lives – but! – enriched with the
workshop experiences)


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